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Russian icon

handmade Russian icon of the nativity second half of 19th century

handmade Russian icon of the nativity second half of 19th century

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excellent condition late 19th century nativity icon with very good details pant 

  • size: 33x30 cm 
  • date: 1930-1950
  • no damage 
  • Russian 
  • Moscow style
  • the icon came with certificate from the Israeli authority of antiques and the icon Germany museum 

Icons of the Nativity, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, are a common theme in Christian art, and they hold a significant place in religious traditions, particularly in the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Nativity icon typically represents the scene of Christ's birth in Bethlehem. While specific details may vary, certain elements are often present in these icons:

1. **The Holy Family:** The central figures are, of course, the Virgin Mary, the infant Jesus, and Joseph. Mary is often depicted reclining after giving birth, while Joseph is shown contemplating the miraculous event.

2. **The Cave or Stable:** The setting is usually a cave or stable, symbolizing the humble and modest circumstances of Christ's birth. The cave is also a reference to the traditional site of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

3. **The Manger:** Jesus is often placed in a manger, emphasizing the humility and simplicity of his birth.

4. **Angels:** Angels are a common presence in Nativity icons. They may be shown announcing the birth to shepherds, singing hymns of praise, or guiding the Magi.

5. **Shepherds:** The shepherds, who were the first to hear of the birth according to the Gospel of Luke, are often depicted in Nativity icons. They may be shown approaching the scene with wonder and reverence.

6. **The Star:** A star is a significant element in Nativity icons, symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus.

7. **Magi or Wise Men:** The Magi, or Wise Men, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, are frequently included in Nativity scenes. They represent the acknowledgment of Jesus as the King of Kings.

8. **Ox and Donkey:** A traditional element in Nativity scenes is the presence of an ox and a donkey, often mentioned in Christian folklore and representing the humility of the stable.

9. **The Eastern Orthodox Style:** Icons of the Nativity often adhere to the stylistic conventions of Eastern Orthodox iconography. This includes the use of specific colors, gold leaf, and a flat, symbolic presentation of figures.

These elements collectively convey the theological significance of the Nativity, emphasizing themes of humility, divine intervention, and the recognition of Jesus as the Savior. The Nativity icon holds a central place in Christian worship and is often displayed in homes, churches, and religious institutions, serving as a visual representation of the Christmas story.

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