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Authentic Ancient Chalcolithic Age Cup

Authentic Ancient Chalcolithic Age Cup

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Authentic Ancient Chalcolithic Age Cup

  • The oil lamp size: 13X12 CM
  • The age: 4000 BCE
  • Found: Jerusalem 
  • The material: Terracotta 
  • Whats comes with the Oil lamp : authentic certificate verifying its age


Product Description:

Step back in time with this extraordinary authentic cup from the Chalcolithic Age, a relic from the dawn of human civilization. Crafted by skilled hands over five thousand years ago, this cup is a tangible link to the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures that flourished in the ancient Near East. Made of clay, this cup features a simple yet elegant design, its smooth surface bearing the marks of its age and the hands that shaped it. Whether displayed as a museum-worthy artifact or used as a conversation piece in your home, this Chalcolithic cup is sure to spark curiosity and wonder about our distant ancestors and their way of life.

Historical Background: 

The Chalcolithic Age, also known as the Copper Age, marked a significant transition in human history, bridging the gap between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. During this time, humans began experimenting with metalworking techniques, incorporating copper and other metals into their tools, weapons, and everyday objects. Clay vessels, including cups like the one depicted here, were essential items for storing, serving, and consuming food and drink.

Chalcolithic cups were typically handmade using locally sourced clay, shaped by hand or with rudimentary tools, and fired in kilns or open fires to harden them. The designs and decorations of these cups varied depending on regional styles and cultural preferences, with some featuring simple shapes and others adorned with intricate patterns or symbolic motifs.

What Makes It Unique? 

What sets this authentic Chalcolithic cup apart is its remarkable age and historical significance. Dating back over five millennia, this cup offers a rare glimpse into the lives and traditions of our ancient ancestors. Unlike modern replicas, this cup bears the patina of age, with surface imperfections and signs of wear that speak to its authenticity. Owning this cup allows one to hold a piece of history in their hands, connecting them to the dawn of human civilization and the ingenuity of early metalworkers. As a symbol of human innovation and cultural evolution, this authentic Chalcolithic cup stands as a timeless testament to the enduring spirit of humanity.

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One of our proudest achievements came when the Israeli Antiquities Authority and The Ministry of Tourism granted us authorization to sell a wide range of antiquities, affirming our commitment to authenticity and integrity. This milestone opened doors to new opportunities, leading to partnerships with international companies and participation in prestigious auctions worldwide.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to authenticity. Every item in our gallery is accompanied by a legal certificate from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, and our inventory is meticulously cataloged and classified by the Israeli Museum. This ensures that our customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are acquiring genuine pieces of history.

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