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Authentic Ancient Iron Age Oil Lamp

Authentic Ancient Iron Age Oil Lamp

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Authentic Ancient Iron Age Oil Lamp

  • The oil lamp size: 12X10 CM
  • The age: 1200 BCE
  • Found: Jerusalem 
  • The material: Terracotta 
  • Whats comes with the Oil lamp : authentic certificate verifying its age

Product Description:

Step into the ancient world with this remarkable authentic oil lamp from the Iron Age, crafted from clay by skilled artisans over two thousand years ago. This lamp, a relic of antiquity, bears witness to the daily lives and rituals of ancient civilizations. Its simple yet elegant design reflects the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Iron Age peoples, who relied on such lamps to illuminate their homes and communities. With its timeless beauty and historical significance, this clay oil lamp is not just a functional artifact but a window into the past, offering a tangible connection to the ancient world.

Historical Background: 

During the Iron Age, clay oil lamps were a ubiquitous fixture in households, workshops, and religious sites across various civilizations. Crafted by hand using locally sourced clay, these lamps served as essential sources of light, providing warmth and illumination to their surroundings. The design of clay oil lamps varied from region to region, with some featuring simple shapes while others boasted intricate patterns and decorations

Clay oil lamps were not only practical objects but also held symbolic and cultural significance. They were often used in religious ceremonies, funerary rites, and daily rituals, serving as conduits for light and spirituality in an age of darkness.

Whats Makes It Unique? 

What sets this authentic Iron Age clay oil lamp apart is its direct connection to the past and its humble yet profound beauty. Crafted from clay by ancient hands, this lamp bears the marks of its age, with surface imperfections and weathering that speak to its authenticity. Unlike modern reproductions, this lamp carries the weight of history, offering a tangible link to the lives and traditions of Iron Age peoples. Owning this lamp allows one to hold a piece of ancient history in their hands, bridging the gap between past and present and offering a glimpse into the resilience and creativity of ancient civilizations. As a symbol of continuity and human ingenuity, this authentic Iron Age clay oil lamp stands as a timeless testament to the enduring legacy of antiquity.

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"At Hamedian Gallery, our journey spans over 35 years of dedication to excellence in the world of antiquities. Through hard work, passion, and the support of our valued customers, we've achieved remarkable milestones that have shaped our reputation as a trusted source for rare and authentic treasures.

Our breakthroughs in the industry have been fueled by the countless friendships and partnerships we've cultivated along the way. These relationships have not only enriched our collection but have also allowed us to expand our offerings to include a diverse array of items, from Icons and pottery to ancient coins, statues, and carpets.

One of our proudest achievements came when the Israeli Antiquities Authority and The Ministry of Tourism granted us authorization to sell a wide range of antiquities, affirming our commitment to authenticity and integrity. This milestone opened doors to new opportunities, leading to partnerships with international companies and participation in prestigious auctions worldwide.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to authenticity. Every item in our gallery is accompanied by a legal certificate from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, and our inventory is meticulously cataloged and classified by the Israeli Museum. This ensures that our customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are acquiring genuine pieces of history.

To our esteemed customers, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your trust and support. Thank you for allowing us to share our passion for antiquities with you. We invite you to explore our gallery and discover the timeless treasures that await."