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Authentic Tyre Shekel

Authentic Tyre Shekel

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Authentic Tyre Shekel: A Historical Relic and Biblical Artifact

  • Weight: 13.7Grams 
  • date: 125 / 126 BCE
  • found in: Jerusalem 
  • includes: certificate from the authoritative antiquities

Historical Description: The Tyre shekel, an ancient Phoenician coinage, bears witness to the commercial and cultural significance of the city-state of Tyre in antiquity. Minted with precision craftsmanship, each shekel embodies the economic prowess and artistic finesse of the ancient Tyrians. The obverse typically features the image of Melqart, the chief deity of Tyre, depicted in regal attire and often accompanied by symbols of power and prosperity. On the reverse, a majestic eagle in flight graces the coin, symbolizing Tyre's dominance over the seas and its status as a maritime power.

Religious Significance: In the biblical narrative, the Tyre shekel intertwines with profound stories of faith and betrayal. One such account involves Judas Iscariot, who famously betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, Tyre shekels. This treacherous act, foretold in prophecy, ultimately led to Jesus' crucifixion, underscoring the complex interplay of human frailty and divine purpose in the unfolding drama of salvation. Additionally, the Tyre shekel is linked to the story of Peter's faith and obedience. When questioned about paying the Temple tax, Jesus instructs Peter to cast a fishing line, miraculously retrieving a shekel from the mouth of the first fish caught. This miraculous provision demonstrates both Jesus' divinity and the principle of trust in divine provision.

Unique Characteristics: What distinguishes the Tyre shekel from other coins of antiquity is its dual significance as both a symbol of economic power and a vessel of religious narrative. Its association with biblical events adds a layer of spiritual depth, elevating it beyond mere currency to a tangible artifact of faith and history. Additionally, the Tyre shekel's exquisite craftsmanship and enduring legacy make it a prized collectible, sought after by historians, numismatists, and spiritual seekers alike.

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