Crucifixion of Christ, Russian icon, 19th Century.
Russian icon

Crucifixion of Christ, Russian icon, 19th Century.

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A handmade Russian icon of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 19th C. 

This icon is in a very good condition, made in four different levels, 

First woof, second canvas, third gold leaf and fourth painting level. 

Size:- 30.5x26.5 cm. 12x10.4 inch. 

This item comes with a certificate from the Israeli Antiquities Authority. 

According to the canonical gospels, Jesus was arrested and tried by the Sanhedrin, and then sentenced by Pontius Pilate to be scourged, and finally [crucified by the Romans. Jesus was stripped of his clothing and offered wine mixed with myrrh or gall to drink after saying I am thirsty. He was then hung between two convicted thieves and, according to the Gospel of Mark, died some six hours later. During this time, the soldiers affixed a sign to the top of the cross stating "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" which, according to the Gospel of John, was written in three languages. They then divided his garments among themselves and cast lots for his seamless robe, according to the Gospel of John. According to the Gospel of John after Jesus' death, one soldier pierced his side with a spear to be certain that he had died, then blood and water gushed from the wound. The Bible describes seven statements that Jesus made while he was on the cross, as well as several supernatural events that occurred.

Collectively referred to as the Passion, Jesus' suffering and redemptive death by crucifixion are the central aspects of Christian theology concerning the doctrines of salvation and atonement.

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