Egyptian Oil Lamp.
Egyptian Oil Lamp.
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Egyptian Oil Lamp.

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Size:- 7.5x6.5 cm. 3x2.5 inch. 

In historical times one such ceremony, called Liknokaia (the burning lamp), was held in honor of the goddess Naiff, according to the historian Herodotus. During this celebration, the ancient Egyptians lit thousands of oil lamps around the country and in their homes. One well-known Egyptian oil lamp was the luxurious lamp of Isis, which was used to illuminate the statues of the gods. Records reveal that in ancient Greece a famous large oil lamp called Callimachus, “the golden lamp”, was kept in the Acropolis in Athens and burned daily with only one refill of oil per year.

This item comes with a certificate from The Israeli Antiquities Authority. 

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