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Russian icon

handmade Russian icon of the feast calendar from the late19th century

handmade Russian icon of the feast calendar from the late19th century

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handmade Russian icon of the feast calendar from the late19th century

the icon in great condition with beautiful enamel on the four corner of the Fram

  • size: 35x30
  • date: 1910-1930
  • damage : no damage 
  • russian 
  • Moscow style 
  • the icon came with certificate from the Israeli authority of antiquities and the Germany icon museum 

Icons of the Feast Calendar, also known as Liturgical or Church Calendar icons, are artistic representations that depict the major feast days and celebrations in the liturgical year of the Christian Church. These icons serve as a visual guide to the annual cycle of feasts and commemorate significant events in the life of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints. Here are common elements found in icons of the Feast Calendar:

1. **Central Image of Christ:** The central position in the icon often features an image of Christ, usually the Pantocrator (Christ as Ruler of All) or an image associated with a specific feast, such as the Nativity, Resurrection, or Ascension.

2. **The Virgin Mary:** Icons of the Feast Calendar frequently include depictions of the Virgin Mary, especially on feasts dedicated to her, such as the Annunciation, Dormition, or Nativity of the Theotokos.

3. **Feast Days:** Each section of the icon corresponds to a specific month or season, displaying events and feast days that are celebrated during that time. For example, the Nativity of Christ is typically associated with December, while the Resurrection (Easter) is linked to the spring.

4. **Saints:** Icons often include representations of saints associated with particular feast days. For example, St. John the Baptist may be featured on his feast day, and St. Nicholas on December 6th.

5. **Liturgical Colors:** The colors used in the icon may reflect the liturgical colors associated with different seasons of the Church year. For instance, white is often used during feasts of celebration, while red may be used for martyrdom or special commemorations.

6. **Symbols:** Various symbols may be present to identify specific feasts. For example, the Nativity is often associated with a cave or a manger, while Pentecost may be represented with tongues of fire.

7. **Inscriptions:** Icons may include inscriptions with the names of feasts and saints to help identify the events depicted.

8. **Cyclic Nature:** The circular or semi-circular arrangement of the icons emphasizes the cyclical nature of the liturgical year, symbolizing the continuous cycle of seasons and feasts.

Feast Calendar icons serve as educational tools, aiding worshippers in remembering and celebrating the rich tapestry of events in the Christian liturgical calendar. They are commonly found in churches, chapels, and homes as a visual aid for prayer, reflection, and devotion throughout the liturgical year. The content and arrangement of the icons may vary across different Christian traditions and artistic styles.

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