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Russian icon

handmade Russian icon of the last supper from the late19th century

handmade Russian icon of the last supper from the late19th century

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handmade Russian icon of the last supper from the late19th century

the icon in great condition 

  • size: 35x30
  • date: 1910-1930
  • damage : no damage 
  • russian 
  • Moscow style 
  • the icon came with certificate from the Israeli authority of antiquities and the Germany icon museum 


Icons depicting the Last Supper portray the final meal that Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion. This event, significant in Christian theology, is often represented in art, including icons. Here are some common elements found in icons of the Last Supper:

1. **Central Figure of Christ:** Jesus is typically portrayed at the center of the composition, often seated at the head of a table. He may be shown blessing the bread and wine or distributing them to the disciples.

2. **Disciples:** The twelve apostles are usually depicted seated on either side of Jesus at the table. Each disciple may have a distinct pose or gesture, reflecting their personalities or responses to Jesus' announcement that one of them would betray him.

3. **Judas Iscariot:** Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, is often depicted separately from the other apostles. He may be shown reaching for the dish or bag of money, symbolizing his impending betrayal.

4. **Bread and Wine:** The elements of the Eucharist—the bread and wine—are central to the scene. Jesus' blessing of the bread and wine is a key moment in the narrative and holds theological significance in Christian traditions.

5. **Cup:** The cup, often the Holy Grail, is a prominent symbol representing the blood of Christ. It may be shown centrally or placed in a significant position on the table.

6. **Gesture of Christ:** Jesus may be shown in the act of blessing or breaking the bread, emphasizing the institution of the Eucharist and the symbolism of his body and blood.

7. **Setting:** The scene is often depicted in an architectural setting resembling a dining room or an upper room. Sometimes the scene is framed by arches or columns.

8. **Expressions and Gestures:** The facial expressions and gestures of the disciples convey their reactions to Jesus' words. Artists often use these elements to depict the emotional and spiritual dynamics of the moment.

9. **Atmosphere of Mystery:** The Last Supper is often presented with a sense of gravity and mystery, reflecting the solemnity of the occasion and the awareness of the impending events of Jesus' Passion.

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