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Russian icon

handmade Russian icon of the ST. George from the late19th century

handmade Russian icon of the ST. George from the late19th century

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handmade Russian icon of the ST. George from the late19th century

the icon in great condition with beautiful enamel on the four corner of the Fram

  • size: 35x30
  • date: 1910-1930
  • damage : no damage 
  • russian 
  • Moscow style 
  • the icon came with certificate from the Israeli authority of antiquities and the Germany icon museum 

Icons of St. George are representations of Saint George, one of the most venerated saints in Christianity. St. George is particularly honored in Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican traditions. The imagery in icons of St. George often reflects his legendary role as a soldier saint and dragon slayer. Here are common elements found in icons of St. George:

1. **Saint George as a Soldier:** St. George is typically depicted as a soldier, often dressed in armor and holding a lance or a spear. This reflects his historical identity as a Roman soldier and officer in the Roman army.

2. **Dragon-Slaying:** One of the most iconic and widely recognized scenes in St. George's hagiography is the slaying of the dragon. In these depictions, St. George is shown on horseback, piercing a dragon with his lance. This imagery symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

3. **Princess and City:** In some versions of the dragon-slaying scene, a princess or a maiden may be present. This represents the rescue of a princess from a dragon, a motif that is often part of the St. George legend. Sometimes a city or castle is also depicted in the background, symbolizing the rescue of a besieged city.

4. **Halo and Heavenly Glory:** Like other saints, St. George is often depicted with a halo, symbolizing his holiness. The radiance around his head may also signify his heavenly glory and connection to the divine.

5. **Equestrian Portrayal:** St. George is frequently depicted on horseback in the act of defeating the dragon. The horse symbolizes strength and the victory of righteousness.

6. **Religious Symbolism:** Some icons of St. George include additional religious symbolism, such as the presence of angels, indicating divine assistance and support.

7. **Military Patronage:** St. George is considered the patron saint of soldiers, and his icons are often displayed in military settings and churches associated with military chaplaincy.

8. **Martyrdom Scene:** St. George was also a martyr, and some icons depict scenes of his martyrdom. This may include his trial, torture, or execution.

Icons of St. George serve as objects of veneration and are often displayed in churches, homes, and military institutions. They are revered for the saint's courage, faith, and his association with the ideals of chivalry. The imagery of St. George slaying the dragon has become an enduring symbol of the triumph of good over evil in Christian iconography.

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