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Russian icon

Russian Icon of Annunciation, handmade of the 19 Century.

Russian Icon of Annunciation, handmade of the 19 Century.

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Icon of Annunciation. 

Handmade Russian icon, 19th C.

The icon is in very good condition. It is made in four different levels,

First wood, second canvas, third gold leaf and fourth the painting level.

Size: 54x42.5 cm, 21x16.7 inch. 

This item comes with a certificate from the Israeli Antiquities Authority. 

The Annunciation icon is highly stylized and is striking for its unique emotional and dramatic quality. An exceptionally sophisticated piece, the icon is notable for its saturated golden tone and naturalism. Colors are used sparingly; deeply saturated blues and purples adorn the Virgin's garments and are used on the tips of the Angel Gabriel's wings as well. The remainder of the icon is finished in gold grisaille. Rotating discs enhance the glittering effect of the icon. The Holy Spirit and Word of God, symbolized as the dove surrounded by the shimmering gold medallion, is shown descending upon the Virgin Mary.

Gabriel's pose imitates the classical Maenad in form and style and maybe the Byzantine artist's allusion to Thucydides or Homer. Gabriel approaches the Virgin with a fluid running step. Gabriel is attired in flowing gold robes, done in striation that invigorates the angel's garment. The Angel Gabriel's expression has been described as intensely troubled as he looks into the sad face of the Virgin, anticipating her sorrows.

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