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The Resurrection of Lazarus, handmade Russian icon, 19th Century.

The Resurrection of Lazarus, handmade Russian icon, 19th Century.

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 Icon of The Resurrection of Lazarus.

Handmade Russian icon, 19th C.  

The icon is in very good condition. It is made in four different levels,

First wood, second canvas, third gold leaf and fourth the painting level.

Size: 32x23 cm, 12.5x9 inch 

In the early monuments of Christian art, the Resurrection of Righteous Lazarus is laconically presented in the form of two figures. The depictions of Christ were just beginning to form in that period; He is shown with a beard and long hair, and also as a beardless youth. In Christ’s hand is a light stick, the attribute of a miracle worker as a symbol that would have been understood by people of that time. With time the stick is transformed into a short royal staff, and then it disappears altogether. God does not need an instrument to work a miracle—His will is sufficient. Furthermore, the depictions gradually become more evangelically exact. In the text of the Gospel of John, the Savior’s words addressed to God the Father and His command to Lazarus are very precisely written: “Lazarus, come forth! (Jn. 11:41).

Artists from the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire depicted the tomb as it would have looked—that is, a cave in a rocky hillside. Gradually the composition on tombs were filled in with details. Martha and Mary and the Jews, opening the tomb, and the man who removes the grave clothes from the resurrected Lazarus began to be depicted also.


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